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Dept. ofSocial Welfare

Our Department of Social Welfare prepares students to
not only practice, but become leaders in the areas of shared human survival,
independence and coexistence. We believe social welfare brings
happiness to people and therefore can also be a delight to study.
In the past simple solutions and actions were developed

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Dept. ofCounseling Psychology

Counselors, you are the helpers of our time! We develop
counseling psychologists who maintain harmony and create positive
change in the world. Through cyber education our Department of
Counseling Psychology trains capable counseling psychologists
who make meaningful contributions to society.

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Dept. ofBrain Education Convergence

The Department of Brain Education Convergence at Global Cyber University
is the first department of its kind in South Korea and the only
to offer a four-year bachelor’s degree in this discipline of brain education.
Graduates of this program are highly capable brain convergence experts
trained in areas including infant brain development

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Dept. ofSports & Health

The twenty-first century needs healthcare professionals trained in
sports and health science. “Nothing is more essential in
maintaining health and well-being to the age of one hundred than sports
and exercise.” The dawn of a true era of well-being will
begin when all members of society seek to improve

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Dept. ofBrain-based Emotion Coaching

Our department focuses on the principles of brain and psychology.
The term ‘mind’ is commonly used to refer to the general collection
of our thoughts and feelings. However, the mind is an abstract
concept created by our physical brains.
Thus greater understanding of the mind requires us to understand

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Dept. ofPractical English

As the forces of globalization rapidly change our world,
English-language expertise and practical communication skills
have become essential for global talent. Our Department
of Practical English has structured our curriculum to include
practical English education programs and offer

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Dept. ofConvergence Contents

The power of the story! Culture and Art Creator!
Korean Wave Culture in the World! Our Department of Convergence
Contents has become an educational leader in the cultural
industries by merging technology with the humanities and arts.
Our mission is to develop innovative cultural product

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Dept. ofEntertainment & Media

Korean culture messengers who can communicate with the world!
In the popular culture industry, Collaboration and OSMU
have been utilized to great effect in film, broadcasting,
performance art, music, advertising, and product planning
and as a result, the boundaries between all these

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Dept. ofConvergence Management

Marketing is at the core of all businesses whether they
are manufacturing companies, service firms, distribution providers
or even small startups. The Department of Convergence Management
focuses on developing our students’ marketing capabilities
while at the same time teaching them the general

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Dept. ofOriental Studies

Our department is at the center of the cultivation of experts in
traditional oriental numerology, who are capable of arriving at
clear solutions to life’s problems through the convergence
of modern fields of study and traditional doctrines,
including augury and divination based on geographical features

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Dept. ofAI Convergence

The Department of AI Convergence at Global Cyber University
focuses on three major areas: 1) AI convergence in business,
2) AI convergence in policy, and 3) AI convergence in forensics.
We have expanded the foundational scope of AI to train experts in
the field of artificial intelligence-based convergence

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Interdisciplinary major of
Dementia Care

Korean society is rapidly aging and, as a result, the number of
people suffering from dementia is also increasing every year.
Given this demographic shift facing the country, preventing dementia
and providing care for those affected by the condition are two crucial
missions for the Korean welfare system.

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Interdisciplinary major of
Global K-Culture

Our mission in offering this interdisciplinary major of Global K-Culture
is to develop talented individuals who will go on to careers on the global
stage where they will utilize their skills in global management
based on Korean culture and philosophy. As we entered a new global
era for K-Culture we seek to train global experts who can not only continue

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