Interdisciplinary major of
Global K-Culture


Our mission in offering this interdisciplinary major of Global K-Culture is to develop talented individuals who will go on to careers on the global stage where they will utilize their skills in global management based on Korean culture and philosophy. As we enter a new global era for K-Culture, we seek to train international experts who can continue building Korean philosophy and culture and communicate this information to a broader global audience.

Department features

  • We cultivate our students’ professional public and personal representation and communication skills, emphasizing cultural exchange, public assistance, and human coexistence.
  • We have a curriculum with solid links in the digital humanities and practical English where students build English proficiency to develop competency as global citizens.
  • We train global leaders who can play an active role internationally by acquiring broad convergence knowledge about Korea, including Korean culture, history, and information technology.
  • We plan and develop Korean Wave content for world audiences by deeply engaging with the global community.
Korean Culture Education
  • Understanding Korean humanities (history, culture, philosophy)
  • Learning about Korea’s recent cultural extension and philosophies in the world
  • Completion of Korean cultural research output or educator courses
Korean Wave Industry Development
  • Approaching cultural trends with a scientific point of view and gaining social insight
  • Understanding Korean culture industry structure in the world interacting with the global community
  • Planning and developing Korean Wave content
Global Organizations
  • Training for global English language skills
  • Strengthening global citizenship
  • Participating in NGOs’ public institution activities and taking courses for Korean Culture Expertise



Participating Departments

Interdisciplinary Major

Interdisciplinary Major of Global K - Culture

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