Dept. ofBrain-based Emotion Coaching


Our department aims for integrated healing of the body, brain, and mind (emotion).
The goal of our department is to cultivate experts who have theoretical knowledge about the body, mind, and brain, and promote emotional management and mental health in an integrated manner.

Study practical counseling psychology in an easy and fun way.
To understand the mind well, it is necessary to view the brain as an organ, to understand how it works and how it connects the body and the mind.
The Department of Brain-Based Emotion Coaching connects principles based on brain science with psychological laws so that you can learn psychological counseling and coaching skills more fun.

department features

We nurture emotional coaching and psychological counseling experts based on systematic theories and practice of principles and psychological laws based on brain science and emotion-centered psychological coaching.

Emotion coaching field

Introduction to brain-based emotion coaching, theory and practice of brain-based emotion coaching, emotion-focused coaching, solution-focused coaching, positive psychology coaching

Stress management and mental health field

job stress management, conflict management and working brain, let's be healthy! Mental health 365, another world in our body, mind age diet, mental health theory

Brain-based psychological coaching field

theory and practice of brain-based counseling, brain and human psychological development, brain cognitive science and adolescent emotion coaching, trauma and psychotherapy, attachment and psychotherapy

Fields related to national certification (clinical psychology)

understanding of psychology, psychological diagnosis and evaluation (formerly, psychological test), abnormal psychology, theory and practice of counseling, clinical psychology

Practical Psychology

Understanding Brain Education, Brain Education Meditation, Love Psychology, Self-Love, Psychology and Speech, Organizational Psychology and Speech, Human Relationship Psychology, Character Psychological Analysis


Year First Semester Second Semester
Course Course
First Year Introduction to brain-based emotion coaching Mental health theory
Understanding Brain Education Understanding of psychology
Psychology and speech Brain Education Meditation
Love psychology Organizational Psychology and Speech
Second Year Brain-Based Emotion Coaching Theory and Practice Solution-focused coaching
Positive psychology coaching Theory and Practice of Brain-Based Counseling
Let's be healthy! Mental Health 365 Counseling process and techniques
Another world inside us Brain and human psychological development
Third Year Emotion-focused coaching Conflict Management and Working Brain
Job stress management Abnormal psychologyy
Trauma Psychotherapy Attachment and psychotherapy
Aromatherapy and emotional coaching Brain Cognitive Science and Adolescent Emotion Coaching
Fourth Year Psychological Diagnosis and Evaluation (Former Psychological Test) Self love
Clinical psychology Character Psychological Analysis
Parent education and coaching Heart age diet


  • Professor

    Geon Young Ko

  • Areas of Expertise

    Psychological test, job stress, conflict management and working brain

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