Dept. ofBrain-based Emotion Coaching


Our department focuses on the principles of brain and psychology.The term ‘mind’ is commonly used to refer to the general collection of our thoughts and feelings. However, the mind is an abstract concept created by our physical brains. Thus greater understanding of the mind requires us to understand the brain as an organ, which our students do by studying the connections between intriguing theories of the brain and psychological principles.

Brain-based emotion coaching techniques can be learned more easily than expected.Our program’s graduates consider a major strength of our department to be the ease with which they feel they are able to learn and apply practical coaching techniques to deal with emotions and feelings. The Department of Brain-Based Emotion Coaching delivers the knowledge and skills required to become a professional counselor.

Brain-based Emotion Coaching

Department Features

Department FeaturesOur educational program is based on systematic theories and practices to develop experts in emotion management and mental health with theoretical knowledge of body, mind and brain. Our graduates are brain-based emotional coaching experts in theory and practice and hold a variety of certifications including national certifications and professional education support certifications.

Brain, emotion and body integrative theory education

We help our graduates develop aholistic perspective through convergence theory education which is highly appropriate for this age of convergence.

Training for brain-based emotion coaching experts

We train experts who can design clinical and scientific coaching plans from a holistic perspective.

Practical experience through technologically advanced audio-visual systems

We provide our students with real-time audio-visual communication systems for delivering coaching on physical control training and brain training for emotions.

Offline practical experience and special lectures at GCU Brain-Based Emotion Coaching Center

We enable our students to practicecases through the help of their professors and our counseling system. Additionally students can build their practical knowledge via special offline lectures.

Curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology and certification

Students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology and go on to acquire various certifications after completion of our four-year curriculum.

Practical learning through the‘flip’ learning system

We deliver practical learning through the latest learning techniques that develop students’ abilities to think for themselves.

Creating a new way with BBC(Brain Based Emotion Coaching)Brain-based Emotion Coaching


Year First Semester Second Semester
Course Course
First Year Introduction to Brain-based Emotion Coaching Emotional Psychology
Psychology and Speech The World of Psychological Law
Introduction to Brain Education in the Age of Convergence Organizational Psychology and Speech
Mental Health Theory Gymnastics and Breathing Techniques
Second Year Theory and Application of Brain-Based Emotion Coaching Trauma and Psychotherapy
Psychology and Global Manners Love psychology
Clinical Psychology Occupational Emotions and Brain Education
Third Year Psychological Assessment Attachment and Psychotherapy
Criminal Psychology Ideal psychology
Youth Counseling Coaching Brain Training
Fourth Year Brain-Based Emotion Coaching Practice Film and Psychotherapy
Drama Therapy with Emotion Models The Working Brain
Invitation to Earth Management The Mind and AI


  • Professor

    Ha Nahyun

  • Areas of Expertise

    Mental Health Theory, Clinical Psychology

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  • Professor

    Changyoung Oh

  • Areas of Expertise

    Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology, Brain Science, UX Design, HCI

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