President’s Message

President Message

Your education is very important. It determines how you live your life in this Information Age. A proper education gives you the skills needed to succeed in a career. Even more importantly, it will determine how you use the endless information you encounter in today’s world. Therefore, education is a choice for your spirit and your life.

On choosing your educational path, ask yourself, “What do I really want in my life?” How you answer will help decide what is best for you. At Global Cyber University, we are working to contribute to the world’s cultural information, like any other university. Yet, there is something more we are also trying to achieve. At Global Cyber University, we want to help people harness their talents to widely benefit the world, to live what we call, the Hongik ideal.

Over the past four decades, I have worked tirelessly to help people live up to their highest potential. I started teaching exercises to just a few people in a park. I have grown these teachings into a dynamic, self-development system that is helping people all over the world live better lives.

I believe, you too, have the same capacity to create positive changes in the world. You have the ability to make the world a better place. The world is currently facing many complex issues. It needs fully actualized people with new ways of seeing to solve them. More than anything, Global Cyber University is a place for people who truly want to make a difference, who are willing to try new ways to approach the future.

One of the many exciting things about Global Cyber University is in the name. “Global.” This university is an international community of people dedicated to creating a better world. The Internet has the capacity, like nothing has before, to transcend boundaries.

People with this global mindset will be capable of creating solutions to the problems facing the Earth and humanity.

So, I encourage you to utilize Global Cyber University and all it has to offer. Find your true purpose and the ultimate meaning of your precious life.

Ilchi Lee, President of Global Cyber University