Dept. ofOriental Studies

Our department is at the center of the cultivation of experts in traditional oriental numerology, who are capable of arriving at clear solutions to life’s problems through the convergence of modern fields of study and traditional doctrines, including augury and divination based on geographical features (風水地理)and given names (四柱命理) and also astrology (天文解釋)


The brilliant East-Asian scholars of the past left a part of their spirit with their descendants in the collective wisdom that is the belief system of Traditional Orientalism. That same wisdom can still resolve modern society's various dilemmas and problems.Throughout traditional East-Asian cultures, there is a long history of scholarship in various theories of systematic prediction, including augury based on geographical features (風水地理), divination based on given names (四柱命理) and astrology (天文解釋).The mission of our Department of Traditional Oriental Studies is to raise the caliber of Traditional Prediction (傳統豫測學) as an academic discipline, ensure the success in the society of each of our students and ultimately expand the acceptance and estimation of Asian Prediction (東洋豫測學) among the international academic community. Finally, we are dedicated to developing a methodology to actively apply the invaluable intellectual assets of our ancestors in the twenty-first century.

Department Features

Department Features

Learning Process

Learning Process
Year Division First Semester Second Semester
First Year Major Requirement
  • Introduction to 命理學
  • 命理學說史
  • Introduction to 命理學
  • 命理學說史
Major Elective
  • 實用風水
  • 命理相談學實務
  • 四柱實觀
  • 命理哲學理解
Second Year Major Requirement
  • 命理學滴天髓講解
  • 命理學用神格局論
  • 命理學滴天髓講解
  • 命理學用神格局論
Major Elective
  • 風水人子須知講解
  • 六壬學槪論
  • 命理日柱論
  • 風水學說史
  • 命理神煞通變論
Third Year Major Requirement
  • 子平眞詮講解
  • 命理學實務
  • 風水綜合硏究
  • 現代命理學
  • 命理秘決硏究
  • 玄空風水學
  • 玄空風水實務
  • 子平眞詮講解 2
  • 九星氣學實務
  • 建築 and 室內風水
  • 命通會硏究
  • 現代命理學硏究
Fourth Year Major Requirement
  • 奇門遁甲綜合硏究
  • 手相學槪論
  • 命理生命論硏究
  • 風水古典山洋之迷硏究
  • 命理實際相談論
  • 四柱實觀
  • 命理通變論 2
  • 奇門遁甲綜合硏究
  • 風水古典山洋之迷硏究 2
All Cultural Elective
  • 觀相學法理解
  • 姓名學總論
  • 塔羅相談
  • 風水學總論
  • 實用漢字漢文
  • 周易理解
  • 實用風水地理
  • 觀相法應用


  • Professor

    Mi Seok Kim

  • Areas of Expertise

    Lectures, Admission Counseling, Student Guidance, 命理學

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