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What is "one person start-up"? Many people asked this question.It is a world where creative talents are spreading their wings now, and a job in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a ‘creative’ job. This is because unique and creative ideas are becoming more and more important. This is a part of the ‘one person start-up’.It is forecasted that people will live for a hundred or longer than 100 years in this era. ‘Lifetime job’ and ‘retirement’ are gradually disappearing whereas human life expectancy has increased. It will be a very natural phenomenon for individuals to experience multiple employment and start-ups in their lives. This is another part of the "one person start-up".The Department of Start-up & Management is looking for a person who wants to learn something new every day and start with small changes, and wants to prepare for the future regardless of age, gender, and region. You can knock on the door of the Department of Start-up & Management anytime.


Year Subject
First year
  • Human-centered Big Data
  • AI Introduction
  • Understanding Practical Creators
  • Changes and Innovation in the Global Era
  • Global Environment Big Data
  • Understanding Management
  • Monetizing One-person Media
  • Invitation to Earth Management
Second Year
  • Big data analysis
  • Management in the era of Industry 4.0
  • Start-up and entrepreneurship
  • YouTube planning and marketing
  • Copywriting practice
  • Idea planning, production and demonstration
  • Cultural content industry theory
  • Social media start-up
Third Year
  • Artificial intelligence and start-up
  • Digital transformation
  • Intercultural communication technique
  • Network convergence of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Start-up item development and business model
  • Self-publishing
  • Digital content marketing and business
  • SNS start-up
Fourth Year
  • Global AI Start-up and Business Model
  • Technology Start-up Management Theory
  • Start-up and Marketing Case Study
  • One Person Publishing Creative Class
  • Business Communication and Presentation
  • Global Regional Research

※ The curriculum may be changed according to circumstances of the relevant semester.


  • Professor

    Heung Seob Choi

  • Areas of Expertise

    Business Administration, IT-Business, International Business,
    Global Management, Global Regional Studies, Theories of Trade

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