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Korean culture messengers who can communicate with the world!


Entertainment & Media

In the popular culture industry, Collaboration and OSMU have been utilized to great effect in film, broadcasting, performance art, music, advertising, and product planning and as a result, the boundaries between all these popular art forms and disciplines have disappeared. This means that not only the boundaries between these different art forms and disciplines but also the boundaries dividing nations, races, religions, and individuals will begin to break down. And new technologies and trends are driving the pace of change beyond what anyone would have imagined.

In addition to this change in the popular culture industry, cultural talent development is also increasingly important for practical and creative education in this field. In the Department of Entertainment & Media our mission is to cultivate artists who can lead the world's cultural industry by providing character education as well as professional training. We also train artists to be sincere and authentic as is required at the present. We do this through an online training system centered on theory and field training.

Department Features

Global Cyber University, as global professional institution for higher education in the 21st century is dedicated to discovering and nurturing cultural talent who will be the foundation of the Korean cultural industry in the future. In realizing this mission we will establish ourselves as an alma mater at center of world cultural exchange.

Department Features
Differentiation and Competitiveness of Department of Entertainment & Media at Global Cyber University
  • Thorough practical training that combines field lecturers and a real training environment!
  • Responsible career management for students! (Employment/Casting/Education)
  • A professional broadcasting and entertainment education system combining practical learning through affiliated industrial institutions and academic authorities!
  • Flexible learning in time and location + affordable tuition


  • The “Star, Contents, and Amusement” mixture has become the heart of the spread of the Korean Culture Wave by delivering value and a fresh interpretation on the infrastructure of popular culture.
  • Under the One-Source Multi-Use Education System of the Department of Entertainment and Media, we actively explore overseas exchanges and develop various educational scenarios and careers for our students related to the Korean wave in the world.
Entertainment & Media vision
  • Specialized Educational Contents (domestic and international) Service for the age of Convergence and Multimedia
  • Contents Production and Planning of Student Participation


Courses Vocal & Entertainment Entertainment & Media Entertainment Producer General
  • Practical Music Theory
  • Singing and Instrumental Music
  • Vocalization and Diction
  • Video Music
  • World Music Appreciation
  • Introduction to Performance
  • Musical Scene Acting
  • Vocalization and Diction
  • Understanding of the Entertainment Industry
  • Introduction to Performance
  • Star Making
  • Cultural Event Planning
  • Introduction to Content Producers
  • Public Speaking
  • Body Conditioning
  • Body Treatment
  • Style Making Ⅰ,Ⅱ
  • Cultural Contents Industry
  • Cultural Marketing
  • Artist Development Method and Debut
  • Performing Arts Planning and Humanities
  • Pop culture and Art
  • Converged Content and Industry
  • Vocal Mentoring
  • Digital Musi
  • Healing Music
  • Music with Stories
  • Acting
  • Camera Acting
  • Practical Dance
  • Dance Choreography
  • Introduction to Performance Producer
  • Entertainment Producer Practice
  • K-producer
  • Drama Producer Practice
  • Vocal Master
  • Live Music Ⅰ,Ⅱ
  • Acting Workshops and Auditions
  • Drama Production Practice
  • Communication for Audio/Visual Media
  • Cultural Venture Start-up and Management


  • Professor

    Bum Ju Cheon

  • Areas of Expertise

    Understanding of the Entertainment Industry, Star Making, Introduction to Content Producers, Entertainment Producer Practice (Korean Wave Maker), K-producers (People who Make Korean Wave), Start up and Management of Cultural Venture