Dept. ofAI Convergence


The Department of AI Convergence at Global Cyber University focuses on three major areas: 1) AI convergence in business, 2) AI convergence in policy, and 3) AI convergence in forensics. We have expanded the foundational scope of AI to train experts in the field of artificial intelligence-based convergence through offline-linked curriculum and problem solving education systems combined with opportunities to visit overseas AI companies and research institutes. Finally we offer unique classes where students become professors and professors become students.

‘We teach artificial intelligence the easiest way in the world' is the motto of our Department of AI Convergence. Future society demands talented individuals who can connect the humanities (imagination), the social sciences (reason) and engineering (logic). When instruction is delivered in this way it becomes easy to learn AI and to expand students’ foundational knowledge and skills as a convergence-trained expert. We train global AI convergence experts to lead the world.

  • The only curriculum in Korea designed for one-person patent registration and Intellectual property rights understanding
  • Double Major related to Department of AI Convergence (Department of Counseling Psychology, Department of Brain-Based Emotion Coaching, Department of Traditional Oriental Studies, Department of Social Welfare, etc.)
  • AI education theory and practice skills linkage
  • AI Certification Linked Curriculum (Artificial Intelligence Specialist Certification)
  • AI International Exchange Program
    • - USA (Pacific Forum, Institute for Strategic and International Studies, University of Hawaii, Aloha AI Institute)
    • - Vietnam (Hanoi Open University)
    • - Sri Lanka (University of Colombo)
    • - Thailand (Bangkok Branch)
    • - Singapore (AI Hub Company)
    • - Philippines (AI-Related Company)

Department Features

Expansion of major and non-major education
programs and contents based on AI education
infrastructure and operation systems

  • Development and operation of global AI talent training programs
  • Expansion of convergence education programs for non-majors
  • Open source SW-based training and project expansion
  • Employment links with partner companies based on industry-academia-affiliated projects

Expansion and diversification of AI education value spreading programs

  • Artificial intelligence education and special lectures for local residents
  • Development and operation of artificial intelligence education programs for employees of participating companies and partner institutions
  • Support for student entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Expansion of MOOC content

Transitioning AI university council and advisory group activities from simple involvement to leading contributors

  • Expansion of open hackathons and competitions
  • Promotion of joint operation overseas training and internship programs
  • Top AI course development

Continuous growth and enhancement of AI Major educational programs

  • Mandatory education programs for all undergraduates
  • Improvement and development of performance management and monitoring systems
  • Continuous improvement of the consumer-oriented curriculum
  • Enhancement of the AI competency certification center
    / operation of AI coding consulting room


No Courses Contents
1 Understand AI Technology and Services Artificial intelligence technology and services
2 AI Technology in BM and Patent Research Business models and patents based on artificial intelligence technology
3 Understanding of Machine Learning Algorithms Machine learning, deep learning, ensemble algorithms, learning data sets
4 Robo Advisor Using Python Implementation of a robo advisor using Python statistics and deeplearning library (AI and FinTechnology fusion)
5 Developing Chatbot Services Using Python Simple chatbot implementation with Python tools(Role-based AI design and implementation)
6 Artificial Intelligence Business Strategy Case studies of applications of AI to business strategy
7 Artificial Intelligence and Consulting Understanding of consulting tools such as information strategy plan,information investment performance evaluation
8 Python Artificial intelligence development language
9 AI-Based Fintech Fintech case studies and strategies using artificial intelligence
10 Personal Assistant and Artificial Intelligence Understanding AI personal assistants and artificial intelligence,including Alexa and Shree
11 Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Protection Understanding of physical, network, and system security with artificial intelligence
12 Learning Data Modeling Understanding of structures such as data sets for AI learning
13 Autonomous Driving and Artificial Intelligence Understanding of autonomous driving cars combined with sensortechnology and artificial intelligence such as ultra-precision mapping(Fusion of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles)
14 Tensor Flow How to use multi-directional vectors for machine learning using Tensorand Flow and how to import library codes
15 Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Law Understanding the logic of legal norms through artificial intelligence(AI judge, prosecutor)