Dept. of Meditation Therapy


According to different researches, meditation relieves body and mind, brings mental and physical integration, releases stress and boost psycho-somatic recovery. In convergence with psychotherapy, meditation lowered recurrence of mental disorder and opened up possibility of curing difficult psychotic disorders. Not only that, meditation therapy can be applied to develop potential capacities of the human brain. Meditation therapy integrates meditation and psychotherapy, which can be used effectively for body, mind and brain health. It is leading the field of 21st century mental health. Department of Meditation Therapy will cultivate experts who can effectively use and apply meditation therapy, help them grow as Hongik-Ingan and contribute to development of the healthier human society.


Year Curriculum Subject
1st semester 2nd semester
First year Major required
  • Brain Education Meditation
  • Meditation therapy
  • Health education
Major elective
  • Be healthy! Mental Health 365
  • Meditation therapy 2
  • Mental health theory
  • Gymnastics and breathing
Second Year Major required
  • Health science.
    Major elective
    • Mental health
    • Alternative medicine
    • Gymnastics and breathing
    • Brain training
    • Meditation therapy diagnosis method
    • Kookhak kigong
    Third Year Major elective
    • Brain training guidance
    • Breathing relaxation meditation therapy
    • Social psychology
    • Health care law
    • Energy meditation therapy
    • Clinical psychology
    Fourth Year Major elective
    • Health program development and evaluation
    • Chakra meditation therapy
    • Investigation methodology

    ※ The curriculum may be changed according to circumstances of the relevant semester.


    • Professor

      Se Il Chun

    • Areas of Expertise

      Alternative & Integrative Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Physical & Mental Health

    • Professor

      Jeong Hyun Han

    • Areas of Expertise

      Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Counseling Psychology,
      Counseling Theory and Application, Counseling Process and Techniques,
      Psychology Research Methodology, Youth Psychology and Counseling,
      Meditation Therapy

    • Email Address

    • Professor

      Hyun Jeong Yang

    • Areas of Expertise

      Neuroscience, Integrated Healthcare