School of Sports & Health

The twenty-first century needs healthcare professionals trained in sports and health science.


“Nothing is more essential in maintaining health and well-being to the age of one hundred than sports and exercise.” The dawn of a true era of well-being will begin when all members of society seek to improve their general health and fitness. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through the concept of ‘a better life with sports’ practiced as a health philosophy on a daily basis. As we approach this new era participation in everyday sports will expand further and personalized health care service roles will become even more important. The Department of Sports & Health Science is committed to cultivating health care specialists and healing life professionals who are dedicated to the general welfare of the public. We achieve this through systematic theory and practical education rather than simply focusing on the development of sports training professionals.

Sports & Health

Department Features

The Department of Sports & Health Science offers a systematic curriculum for developing professionalism and obtaining major certifications.

  1. 01We provide diverse and differentiated learning opportunities for students by offering a national sports certification track, an exercise planning and exercise management track, a one-on-one life coaching track as well as other related major tracks.
  2. 02We offer specialized education which can help our students become high-level sports leaders who not only provide physical exercise programs but also deliver healing for the mind through Gukhakgigong, a training regimen for both the body and mind utilizing recreational activities, gymnastics, yoga, meditation etc.
  3. 03We help our students grow into health professionals capable of providing general health coaching through courses in a variety of subjects: exercise planning, therapeutic massage, taping therapy, body correction, sports nutrition, healing food and health education.


Field First Semester Second Semester
Course Course
First Year Elective Gymnastics and Breathing echniques Skin Beauty in Practice
Skin Beauty Theory Gymnastics and Breathing Techniques
Sociology of Sports Sports Education and Ethics
Integrative Medicine Introduction to Brain Education in the Age of Convergence
Second Year Required Introduction to Physical Education Health Biology
Health Biology
Elective Sports Psychology Healing Food
Sports Nutrition Physical Education Evaluation
Leisure and Recreation Gukhakgigong
Early Childhood Physical Education
Third Year Required Exercise Physiology Exercise Physiology
Elective Training Exercise Planning
Geriatrics Geriatrics
Therapeutic Massage Sports Injury
Sports Management
Fourth Year Required Health Education Health Education
Elective Taping Therapy Yoga & Pilates
Dementia Prevention Guidance Dementia Prevention Guidance
Cognition and Health Mental Health
Meditation Therapy
General Elective and Cultural Elective Subjects related to Social Worker Certification Subjects related to Social Worker Certification
Subjects Related to Lifelong Educators Subjects Related to Lifelong Educators


  • Professor

    Su Kyung Lee

  • Areas of Expertise

    Exercise Physiology, Biology, Health Education, Geriatrics

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