Interdisciplinary major of
Beauty Care


We provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to train enterprising and creative professionals who can lead the global beauty care industry combining beauty and brain health.

Department features

Educational Goals
  • To train beauty care and management professionals
  • To develop experts who demonstrate creative abilities based on professional knowledge and skills
  • To foster global leaders who are well-mannered, educated, sophisticated professionals. All of which combine to ensure that our graduates have the good well-rounded personalities needed to succeed in this field.


Departments Courses
Department of Brain Education Convergence Introduction to Beauty Care, Public Health, Aroma and Brain Health,New Makeup Trends, Makeup for Commercial Film Advertisements,Introduction to Neuroanatomy, Understanding of Brain Education,365-Degree Healing for Occupational Stress
Department ofEntertainment & Media Body Conditioning, Body Treatment, Style Making Ⅱ
Department of Convergence Management Marketing Principles, Advertising, Sales Promotions, Emotional Marketingin the ICT Era, Customer Relationship Management in the ICT Era
Department of Sports & Health Science Skin Beauty Theory , Skin Beauty Practice , Life Gymnastics and Breathing Techniques
Culture Style Making Ⅰ

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Interdisciplinary Major

Interdisciplinary Major of Beauty Care