Hallyu(Korean Wave) University

Hallyu University

Global Cyber University is promoting Hallyu culture(or K-Culture) around the world. Global Cyber University is known as BTS University abroad. Among 7 members of BTS, who are becoming global sensations, 6 of them have been students of Global Cyber University. RM, Suga and J-Hope are majored in, and Jimin, V and Jungkook are majoring in Entertainment & Media. There are many Korean stars are leading the Hallyu culture(or K-Culture) in Global Cyber University.

Global Cyber University is nurturing creative individuals, communicating with the world and developing talent and dreams through popular culture and art. It is promoting Korean culture and extending Hallyu through them.

At Global Cyber University, we believe education is fundamental to how people live their lives, much more important than the kind of smart phone they choose or the television shows they watch. Through Global Cyber University, we hope to show the world the deeper meaning of Korean culture. The philosophy that is at the very core of the culture. This is not just a philosophy for Koreans; it is a philosophy for everyone.

Hallyu University

This philosophy, forming the foundation of Global Cyber University’s educational pedagogy, is known as Hongik in Korea. Its meaning is simple: live and work for the benefit of all, not just for yourself. It is essentially the motto of Korea, one which Korean people have strived to live by since their earliest history. Due to the Internet and the connectedness of today’s world, there is more chance than ever to make this ideal a reality. Education at Global Cyber University is about supporting people to embody that spirit in their lives.

Internet-based education is in the process of transforming education. Thanks to the Internet and digital technology, most people can access some form of education, regardless of their financial and lifestyle situations. An increasing number of older adults are seeking additional education to expand their lives and careers. How people study has changed, as they tailor their curriculum and study schedules to meet their own needs. It has made advanced study more accessible and easier to pursue.

Hallyu University

Global Cyber University seeks to add to this rapidly developing educational phenomenon. Offering the same ease of accessibility as other online universities, it also takes advantage of the benefits that cyber education offers students.

A possible negative effect of Internet-based education is student isolation. While traditional universities have classrooms of students interacting with each other, cyber students have no physical contact with instructors and students and are left alone with their learning.

Global Cyber University, is an educational institute based on the Hongik ideal. Here you will find a very different experience. Our focus is on creating connections between people to benefit the whole of humanity. While your fellow students may be half a world away, Global Cyber University’s emphasis and support for collaborative learning and problem solving through the Internet, encourages our students to become even closer than they would in a traditional classroom.