Study Guides and Attendance
(Lecture Experience)

School Years and Graduation

The general term of study for graduation is four years (8 semesters) but students who meet the graduation requirements and whose GPAs is 3.5 or higher can graduate early in a term of study shortened by two semesters.

School Years of Study

The length of time students may remain as an official student at this school is not limited.

Year / Semester

Every school year is from the first of March to the end of February the following year.The school year is divided into two semesters as follows, with the seasonal semester being conducted separately.

  • First Semester March 1st to August 31st
  • Second Semester September 1st to the end of February of the following year
  • Seasonal Semester 5 weeks during summer break and 5 weeks during winter break


Regular Semester A total of 15 weeks (including midterm and final examinations)

  • Lectures Available Lectures become available the same day every week at 12 a.m., midnight.
  • Each lecture is available for the duration of the week 1 - 3 periods (hours)

Seasonal Semester A total of 5 weeks (including midterm and final examinations)

  • Lectures Available Newlectures become available daily (15 weeks of regular semester lectures arecondensed into 5 weeks in the seasonal semester).
  • During the regular semester students are required to complete viewing a minimum of 75% of each lecture within two weeks(14 days) after the lecture is posted.
  • During the seasonal semester daily attendance and participation in all lectures is required.

No Proxy Attendance

  • In order to check the student’s participation, the general public certificate and fingerprint authentication must be used when entering the online classroom and examination room.
  • Representation by proxy or anyone other than the registered student is strictly prohibited and students caught falsifying lecture attendance will punished.

Lecture Experience