GCU info

Present Condition of University

  • An educational model devoted to developing the global mindset needed for the twenty-first century
  • A place to discover and develop your true purpose in life
  • A faculty dedicated to the complete development of individuals and humanity
  • An international community dedicated to creating a better world
  • State-of-the-art internet-based education
  • A variety of programs and majors to choose from

Consisting Contents for Professors

Classified Detailed Contents
Administrative Rooms President’s Chamber, Administrative Office
(Academic Affairs Office, Planning Office, Admission
Managing Office, etc.) Contents Developing Office
(Education Supporting Office, etc.)
Professors’ Researching Rooms Professor (Research) Chambers
Studying Rooms for Students Lecture Rooms, PC Room, Seminar Room, Data Room, etc.
Contents Producing Rooms Main Studio, Sub-studio, etc.
Miscellaneous Rooms Computerization Managing Office,
Great Meeting Chamber, Resting Room

Present Condition of Full-time Instructors

Standard : 1. 4. 2020
Series Major Standard(persons) Secure(persons) Acquisition rate(%)
Society Welfare
Social Welfare 1 2 106.3
Counseling Psychology 1 2
Brain Education Convergence 1 3
Sports & Health 1 1
Brain-based Emotion Coaching 1 1
Practical English 1 1
Culture Managing
AI Convergence 1 1
Convergence Contents 1 1
Entertainment & Media 1 1
Convergence Management 1 2
Oriental Studies 1 2
Total 17