• After signing up for the courses for the semester students must pay tuition.
  • Enrollment is conducted according to defined period and procedures.
    Students may change or cancel the courses they have chosen only within the course correction period.

Course Registration and Correction Period

Semester Registration Correction
First Semester February March
Second Semester August September

Registration Credit (each semester)

Students with GPAs below 3.5 the previous semester Students with GPAs 3.5 or above the previous semester / with no failed courses
12-18 credits 18-24 credits Students cannot register for more than 24 credit s including seasonal semesters.

*In the case of the second semester of the fourth year, students may register for more than 3 credits.
(School rules Article 39, Paragraph 2)

Dropping Courses

  • In the event that the student is unable to take the course, the student may drop the course in the period before the midterm examination.
  • If the student’s remaining credits would bring the credit total below the minimum credit requirement after the student drops a course, the drop will not be accepted.
  • Tuition fees for dropped courses will not be returned or carried over to future courses.