Ilchi Lee Visited El Salvador and Wins Presidential Award!

Date : 2019-12-27

Ilchi Lee made his first trip to El Salvador from September 11th to 13th, 2018. This small Central American nation has been plagued by civil war, poverty, and gang violence, but has been moving toward peace. One of the tools they are using to fashion healthier, more peaceful, and more hopeful lives for themselves and, especially, the next generation is Brain Education, the mind-body-spirit self-development method Ilchi Lee created.


Through the efforts of the NGO IBREA Foundation and the support of the Salvadoran and South Korean governments and Ilchi Lee's Global Cyber University, the Brain Education program has been implemented in 25 percent of the public schools in the country. As a result, these schools, and the families and communities they influence, have become places where students and teachers work together in harmony, where people are not as afraid to come to school, and where academic achievement has improved.


The main reason for making this trip was to receive the national award, José Simeón Cañas Slave Liberator Order, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Catch the highlights of this heartwarming and inspiring trip.




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